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So who am I?

Well I know who I was…

I was a party girl, fashion lover, fitness fanatic queen.


Well that’s hard to say.

Since having kids my life as it was has completely turned upside down. But that’s not just because of my kids, oh no, that’s because a wicked witch called Postnatal Depression came into my life. (I also like to name her Bertha).

Since then the old me has never been seen. Instead Bertha has replaced her with a pajama wearing, over eating, hermit.

My blog is my way of working out how the hell to get back to me, or to even a me that can get dressed each day, and above all enjoy motherhood.

And I’m sharing it with all of you, not for the attention or to get a few sympathetic emoji’s. But because I hid my illness for so many years afraid of the stigma that would be attached to me, that in order for me and thousands of other women suffering and fighting to get better I need to break it. And the only way I can break this stigma is to tell you all the truth of postnatal depression.

My truth that is.

In the hope that one day, postnatal mental illness wont be such a taboo subject anymore.