Before having kids I used to think it was ridiculous hearing mums saying they had no time to shower. It was 10 minutes of your day, how the hell could no one fit that in!

Then I had kids, and the stench of my armpits became my new eau de toilette!

When my children where smaller I felt I never had time to shower (even tho I definitely had 10 minutes to spare when baby was sleeping and YouTube was babysitting the threenager), but the thought of looking after myself when I was supposed to be keeping an eye on two kids overwhelmed me so much I ended up just spritzing my pits and arse with some deodorant and went on with my day (don’t pretend you haven’t thought about It!).

During my early recovery from PND I got tasked with showering at least three times a week (Yes I got tasked to shower, times did get that bad!). Although we know about the hygienic positives of showers it’s actually amazing what they can do for clearing your mind, which is why this #selfishsunday we’re concentrating on how to take showers for self care and relaxing.

You’re probably more aware of relaxing baths than relaxing showers, but I seriously don’t have time for them. The thought of waiting for the water to heat up, run and then sit and soak in my own dirt makes me stressed just thinking about it. A quick 10 minutes with scalding hot water washing away all my sins is my dream these days. It’s gives me enough time to breath and clear my head, and feeling clean gives me enough motivation to actually get out of my house which is always better for clearing my low moods. It’s no surprise when my low mood shifts I’m a much better mum and wife, which clearly shows those ‘selfish’ 10 minutes to myself are well needed.

I feel I’ve became a bit of a guru when it comes to relaxing showers now so let me guide you through the practice…

  1.  De-kid

Nothing will burst your stress free bubble more than standing on a multi coloured squeaky bath toy. Clean those toys and clutter out!

Now I’m not saying you need to get your Martha Stuart hat on and get bleaching the bathroom before your shower (though a clean bathroom does help) as nobody has time for that. I’ve been known to just gather the ‘please take a bath’ child toys and plunk them outside the bathroom until I’m finished.

And music is a must to block out any ‘child battering on the bathroom door because mum never gets privacy’ noises. Music choice is completely up to you, I myself enjoy listening to Adele, plus my shower makes me sound like I can rival her high notes.

2. Get your pamper box ready.

For me this always includes:

  • A clean warm towel (place it on a heater or in the tumble dryer before you go to shower);
  • Clean clothes (or at least clean knickers);
  • And some aromatherapy or luxury shampoo and shover gels.

My favourite shower gel is Grumpy Cow (appropriately named) from COWSHED. After washing with it you’ll not only want to eat yourself (as it’s smells amazing) but it’s blend of mandarin and grapefruit essential oils are great for relieving stress. (I also read that they help with digestive problems and stretch marks. Win win!) I find the wash really energising, more so than another high street brand whose mint scent made me feel like my fanny was burning off when it was ‘energising’.

Talking of mint, although it doesn’t mix well with my neither regions, it is great for my scalp. I especially love Paul Mitchell lavender and mint shampoo and body and hair moisturiser. When I get really stressed during the day I tend to play with my hair a lot, this shampoo leaves it with a beautiful smell of lavender, mint and tea tree which is really soothing throughout the day when I whiff it. I literally end up just sitting with my hair under my nose. Plus it really makes my hair silky and smooth which is hard after I bleached the life out of it last month.

For my face I started using Keihl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash (which is a little pricey) but it lasts a life time. I’ve had it 5 months and I’m only a quarter of the way through the bottle. I’m seeing it as an investment as I would have gone through 3 bottles of my regular cleanser which is a half of the price. I love this wash it’s the only thing that has helped clear up my oily skin which means I don’t have to stress about applying make up anymore. Another positive!

3. The after shower

Having a shower and then scooting off is like having a birthday party and not getting to eat any chocolate cake! Take time at the end to really prep yourself for going back out into the world again.

Moisturise your entire body, brush your teeth, spray some of your favourite perfume, and feel completely pampered before you open the door to get smacked with your kids boogers and pellets of food they can’t be arsed to eat.

So that’s it, 10 minutes to give your head some rest and prepare yourself for the rest of your day. It’s surprising how much more productive you can be on a shower day.

So go on, be selfish this Sunday, you deserve it! It’s been one hell of a week!

Gem xxxx

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