I hit my daughter

I hit my daughter.

I hit her on her face, on her mouth, in her stomach. Sometimes I even hit her on her bum.

I hit her so hard sometimes she screams and tells me to stop.


Now replace the word hit with kiss.

It’s not so horrifying now is it?

So why has the world been so offended of a loving picture of Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter on the lips.

I witnessed a woman in her 30’s kiss her elderly dad on the lips at the ice cream shop on Sunday. I thought it was sweet, you could see how much of a strong and loving relationship they had. Now, if either of them had followed the kiss with a grab of the ass and a tongue down the throat I may have questioned it. But no, they give each other a hug hello, the grandkid’s joined in by hugging granddad’s leg and they merrily skipped on screaming with laughter as granddad shouted ‘who wants ice cream?’.

A perfect example of the happiness an embrace between parent and child can bring.

It goes to prove that mothers these days really can’t do right for doing wrong. Just recently another celebrity mum Kristin Cavallari got criticised for ‘starving her children’ as you could see their shoulder blades on a picture of them playing at the beach. If anyone is an old time fan of the program ‘The O.C.’ or ‘The Hills’, you’ll probably realise that the kids get their skinny genes from their mum. Because you know passing on genetics is actually a real life thing!

My point here is not to prove that it’s ok to kiss our children on the lips, because let’s be honest, what a bloody stupid and pointless argument is that? Of course it’s frigging OK!

The point is, why the hell are caring and loving mothers facing ridiculous criticism for being loving and caring?

Why are mothers, who are clearly showing they are providing a loving and stable home for their children, having words such as ‘paedophile’, thrown at them as easy as a Sunday morning?

At what point did we forget what the difference between abuse and love actually is?

And that is where the keyboard warriors should direct their efforts. Not in if they dislike an image, but if that image shows a child who is clearly in distress from abuse. You may help a lot more children in need that way.

So next time, before the keyboard army begin to type shouty abusive capitals to another mother for perhaps hugging her child too tightly, ask yourselves this.

1. Is this child being abused to a level that you need to call social services?

2. Is your comment something you could say to that mothers face, or can you only say it behind the safety of a screen.

3. Are you just being a dick?

If the answer is no, no, yes, I reckon it’s safe to say you’re better keeping your comments to yourself. Nothing good will come out of it of other than uncalled misery for the mother and you looking like a class  twat.

And if you’re the mother on the receiving end of these comments, do like Kristin did and delete them. That’s the beauty of the Internet. As easy as it is to put a mother down online, it’s even easier to press that little delete button on their comment or friend request. No one needs that negativity in their lives.

So go on kiss those babies, hug them until the fart, as there is a shit load more frightening things in this world than that.

5 thoughts on “I hit my daughter

  1. 365daysofkindness says:

    For a second I was reading this and was like, “okay someone track this lady down and call child services.”

    I have no idea why people are so sensitive to this! I’m European and kissing is just a natural part of our culture amongst family members! 🙂 Nothing to be ashamed of.


    1. gdevaney87 says:

      Haha was going with the shock factor to show how ridiculous this argument is. I for one agree it’s beautiful and its normal. I’d rather show my daughter what love really is so when she goes out in the world to find it for herself she knows what is right from wrong x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Suzanne glover says:

    I’m 37 and kiss both my mum and dad on the lips, I love them both dearly they are my mummy and daddy no matter how old we all get… My babies are 9 & 6(in 2 weeks) and I kiss them both on the lips every single kissing day oh and my soon to be 6yr old and I have chicken pox kisses, this is where I smother her face and neck in fast kissy kisses. Kiss kiss kiss


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