When are we gonna believe we are good enough?

So what makes you such a bad parent?

I bet your locking your kids away in a cupboard the size of a shoe box, letting them out only once a week for a heal of bread and lick of water then beating them back in again!

No you’re not doing that?

So what makes you so bad then?



I’ve been asking myself this question since I was asked it in therapy last week. And you want to hear my answer? I bet if you think enough into it, it will be your answer too…

‘I can’t reach the level of perfection I set for myself as a mother’

That’s it! I feel I’m failing because I’m not being the perfect mother I hoped I would be.

I’m not starving my children, I’m not tying them up by their toes and beating them. I’m just finding the role of being a mother hard.

I’m exhausted from night wakes and daytime tantrums. I don’t have the time or energy to be making cookies and homely nutritious meals that don’t consist of a battered chicken and a fried potato. I don’t have the money to buy out B&Q and make crafts like Mr Maker. And my patience is thin after being moaned and screamed at for the 100th time in 1 hour.

Some days I simply suck at being a mum!

But here’s the big secret…

So does every other Parent! That message just gets lost in the ‘perfect parenting’ cloud that is the internet and media.

Having sucky days as a parent isn’t a bad thing, in fact it’s good, because in order to learn in life we have to fail a good few hundreds of times. I just wish I had known this sooner. I may have been a little kinder to myself especially when postnatal depression set in.

I want to help you and other parents know that you’re not alone in those sucky days, so I have decided to take part in a 30 day challenge called #suckingatparenting

For 30 days I’m going to give myself the freedom to not be a perfect parent. I’m hoping that this acceptance will free me from my self hatred cloud, and let me become a more contented parent knowing my best is good enough.

I’m going to be sharing my progress on my social media channels:

  1. Hopefully in opening myself up too criticism I’ll loose the fear that comes with it (this could come back to bite me on the arse!)
  2. I’ll make a small dent in the social mediasphere and help you and other parents see that you don’t have to be perfect to be a successful parent. (I’m hoping I learn this lesson too!)

I’d love to have company along the way, so if you want to join me you can leave your updates daily on my facebook or twitter feed. Lets suck at parenting together!








2 thoughts on “When are we gonna believe we are good enough?

  1. Lisa V says:

    Being a sucky parent makes for great blog posts 🙂 You are the perfect parent for your child(ren). Notice the difference…not a “perfect parent” but the “perfect parent for your child.” Hope your project is freeing! 🙂


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