5 Things I Learnt This Christmas with 2 Kids and PND

The last few weeks have been hard in the run up to Christmas.

Everyone seemed to be on a jingle bell high. Social media was vomiting out pictures of families smiling in the glow of Santas snuggles or crossed eyed after a few too many festive shots at the Christmas party.

Everyone was vibrating like an Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit due to how happy they where.

And me…

I was only vibrating due to the shakes my anxiety was giving me.

I love Christmas but its possibly the most anxious time of the year for me, especially since having my children.

I worry about everything.

How will I make Christmas perfect?

How will I afford it all?

How will I keep myself looking happy?

How can I get through all these social events?

How can I?

How can I?

How can I?


I wish my head would shut the f@ck up!

But through the anxiety, and with the help of some happy pills prescribed by the doctor, I learnt some interesting facts this Christmas that put some of my worries at bay…

  1. Your kids couldn’t give a shit what you buy them as long as its not clothes.

This may only apply to kids at a certain age but for mine who are both under 4 I may as well have wrapped up my sofa as they got more fun out of the paper than anything else.

This year, on a measly statutory maternity wage, I couldn’t afford a huge Christmas, so Santas sack was a little bare. I worried so much about it getting myself wound up that it would be the worst Christmas ever.

And on Christmas day…

As the presents were unwrapped, and the wow’s and ooohs followed at the mere amazement of a pencil case and a hulk baubble head, I realised I had worried for nothing.

Next year I’ll save the stress and buy one present wrapped up in 20 different layers of wrapping paper and string.

2. There isn’t a chance in hell the kids will eat anything but the tub of Celebrations.

Christmas day dinner will be more like a scene out of the Game of Thrones than a perfect family affair depicted in a John Lewis advert.

The toddler will take on the role of King Geoffry, throwing food and screaming ‘I’m not eating the green crap bring me something else!’, while the baby screams and flaps like the pretty blonde queens, who has more men than Katie Price, Dragons. The only way to stuff the turkey down you is to tag team with your husband, and take one child while the other scoffs down the remotely warm food in their plate. Either that or eat turkey sandwiches for a few days.

3. Someone will cry (it will probably be you)

Your expecting the kids to cry. I certainly was. However thinking of Christmas and all the perfection that it is supposed to be, you don’t expect yourself to gurn ugglies like Kim Kardashian.

Especially not at the work xmas party.

Or for 2 weeks after that, because you kept reliving crying at the xmas party.

(Alchol + Christmas nerves x PND = At what point did you think that was going to be a good idea you silly cow!)

4. Its more efficient to dress the kids in bin bags than clothes

The kids xmas outfits have been bought and include enough sparkles to rival ‘The Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’. You’ve planned the perfect family xmas photo that will gain more facebook and twitter likes that Kaitlyn Jenners debut and propel you into perfect mum status.

However before the shutter snaps…


A great big chocolate slabber falls down the threenagers dress from her previous secret gulping of celebrations.


I had great plans for my xmas photo, however the only one I got was this lovely shot of the toddler dressed as the hulk.


At least I’ll be able to look back and remember what ‘true’ Christmas was actually like.

5. It will all go to fast

The lead up to Christmas will be a blur of worry, stress, impulse shopping and fear of checking the bank balance, all to be wasted on 24 hours, which seem like 3, on Christmas day. After the day is over, you will sit back with a glass of vino (or tequila) and wonder why you had worried so much as it actually didn’t go as bad as you thought it would.

In fact…

You may have just enjoyed it…

A little 🙂







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19 thoughts on “5 Things I Learnt This Christmas with 2 Kids and PND

  1. clairelsimpson says:

    Christmas is not always automatically happy. I think the secret is to expect very little and keep it as low key as possible – ditch the pressure, switch of social media and make it as easy for yourself as possible.The best present for most kids is your undivided attention (although if my son had woken up to no presents on Christmas day and just some hugs from me I don’t think he’d have been all that appreciative!).


    1. gdevaney87 says:

      Ha I think my 3 year old would have been the same. You are completely right though I have definitely learnt this year to calm down and not expect too much at Christmas. After all it really is just another day, but one I get to spend with close friends and family. So I just have to enjoy that. X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. rhymingwithwine says:

    How refreshingly true! Social media had added an entirely new level of pressure now and it’s so easy to feel that our offerings are never quite enough, but luckily a heap of wrapping paper and a few chocolates are more than enough to make a fabulous Christmas. Very best wishes for 2016 to you and yours x


  3. butterflymum83 says:

    So true, lovely. Especially the part about the dinner! My son refused dinner on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and I was surprisingly upset about it, to be honest. I think because the dinner is such a big part of Christmas in my family I just felt he was ruining something that a lot of time, planning and effort had gone into. Of course, in reality it was just one (well two) meal and I’ve already practically forgotten about it.

    I wrote a post before Christmas re celebrating special occassions while struggling with anxiety and depression. Believe me, I hear you. It can make you feel a lot worse. But just remember you won’t feel this way forever and other great Christmases will come x #justanotherlinky


    1. gdevaney87 says:

      Thanks lovely, the meal is the worst part isn’t it. They never eat as it is but creating that perfect Christmas meal becomes so important on that one day that you get so worked up.

      We will get there one day.

      (Probably when they are 18 and scoff everything!) xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. life as mum says:

    Christmas can be very stressful for many parents. I always worry if the presents are good enough and if the girls are going to enjoy it or not. Great post.
    Thank you for linking up with #justanotherlinky


    1. gdevaney87 says:

      Thank you lovely, it’s such a hard holiday with so much pressure! In glad it’s over now, though I look back And think it wasnt so bad I just need to try and not let the perfectionist in my head get the better of me xxx


  5. A Moment with Franca says:

    I understand what you mean. We just worry too much because we want everything to be perfect. We should just enjoy the moment and get the most of the day as it just last minutes. It is over so quickly that you don’t even realise!! It is crazy!! 🙂 xx


  6. Catie: An Imperfect Mum says:

    The pressure of Christmas can make us all anxious and it certainly affects me and being around family the whole time is not everyone’s idea of fun! But I made a conscious decision to take the stress out of it this year and just accept the things I couldn’t change and I did enjoy the free time. I hope you are feeling less stressed now! #twinklytuesday


  7. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) says:

    Sorry that you struggled with anxiety throughout the build-up to Christmas – there is so much pressure to produce the perfect Christmas especially with social media, but in reality it is just one day and I think children often have a wonderful time with a lot less than we think we need to provide. Trying to get perfect Christmas photos is always a challenge too – especially with two small children – just getting them both to look at the camera is nothing short of a miracle at times. Sounds like you had a good day in spite of all the worries and hope you managed to find time to relax and recover once the big day was over. #twinklytuesday


    1. gdevaney87 says:

      It definitely wasn’t as bad as what I had thought it was going to be. I definitely need to stop worrying less and enjoy the moment. I’m working on it! Thank you hope the new year is kind to you. Xx


  8. Tim says:

    It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting Christmas to be perfect, isn’t it? With three young ones, we learned a while ago that it will never be perfect and that ‘good enough is good enough’ is more relevant at this time of year than any other. The stress of chasing the impossibility of perfection just isn’t worth it. Maybe it was partly because we were more chilled this time and maybe it was partly because our kids are a year older (and a year more self-sufficient!) but we really enjoyed our Christmas this year – it was probably our best one with kids so far. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but good enough turned out to be good enough. 🙂


    1. gdevaney87 says:

      your completely right, i found by calming down and giving up on the idea of perfectionism that i was able to enjoy christmas for what it was, a day to spend with my family, however imperfectly perfect that would be. Glad you had a great day and hope you have a great new year!


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